Ketosis: A brief introduction

April 18, 2016 0 Comments

Ketosis: A brief introduction

To the average fitness enthusiast the concept of fat-loss is simple; lower carbohydrate and fat intake and keep protein intake high. As far as formulas to lose body fat go, this was probably the eleventh commandment. 

However, those of us brave and disciplined enough to undertake this journey unanimously speak of its difficulty, mainly due to reduced energy levels and impaired cognitive functioning while on this “diet" and despite the high protein intake, noticeable reduction in endurance, strength and overall athletic efficacy. 

The idea of putting oneself through such a deficit and experiencing reduced mental acuity and fatigue is counter to the “fit” philosophy, which is that if a fitness routine cannot be sustained without detrimental effects to ones overall well-being, its almost certainly not worth pursuing, here a routine could mean a training regime or a dietary fad or any combination of the two.

Enter Ketosis. 

This state of metabolism is not only sustainable with none of the general terribleness associated with what is colloquially called a “diet”,  but will reduce visceral fat and improve cognitive functionality - this sounds too good to be true.

While some have heard of this “miracle" diet, which ostensibly sounds too good to be true. A vast majority of people are oblivious to this “natural” state, which as the links below will tell you, is a vastly improved metabolic state, and the result of a tremendously useful evolutionary crutch. 

While some of these links will take you to self proclaimed self-experimenters, and though their experiments are thorough and scientific in their own merit, they are neither rules-of-thumb on how to go about achieving a ketogenic state, nor guarantees of similar results.  

Starting with the obvious:

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What is my body doing when in this state?

A much more comprehensive explanation:

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And for those of us who can't resist TEDx talks:

I heard that ketosis helps cancer patients, is this true?