Introducing the UrSpray

August 04, 2016 0 Comments

Introducing the UrSpray

In tune with our goal of bringing cutting edge supplements to the fitness community down-under, we've introduced the UrSpray topical spray from Prototype Nutrition which contains Ursolic Acid (UA), (Apple Peel Extract/Holy Basil Extract) in the form of Arginine Ursolic Acetate, as its active ingredient.

Since the results of a research, which revealed the efficacy of UA as an agent which reduces muscle atrophy and promote fat metabolism, were made public, manufacturers have introduced supplements containing this compound into the market, what makes UrSpray from Prototype nutrition interesting is the bioavailability (how much of the active ingredient is available for the body to utilize) of UA through topical application i.e. unlike traditional supplements you don't ingest this one, you apply it on your skin.

The reason for this approach is the fact that Ursolic Acid is not water soluble, and doesn't get absorbed through the GI Tract effectively, most of it, when ingested, is broken down by the liver before it becomes bioavailable.

UrSpray's topical application increases and provides sustained bioavailability of this potent compound.

Recommended for folks who're looking to shed fat, retain those hard-earned strands of muscle and look extremely vascular while doing so!


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