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KetoCaNa Exogenous Ketones

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Unique super fuel

  • Can be used during both ketogenic and non-ketogenic diets
  • Acts as a super fuel to be used by the muscles and the brain
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings
  • Helps reduce glycogen depletion during physical exercise
  • Excellent source of energy for ketogenic dieters
  • Heightens mental acuity and performance
  • Can help prevent tiredness and lethargy when transitioning into ketogenic diet
Prototype Nutrition KetoCaNa is a truly unique and innovative product, created after researching the ever popular ketogenic diet. Essentially, KetoCaNa delivers ketones to the body enabling it to access this unique fuel source without having to undergo the rigours of a ketogenic diet which has a number of downsides such as lowering levels of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and insulin. KetoCaNa gives you the benefits of ketones without the need for a ketogenic diet.
    For those that aren't aware of the ketogenic diet, this is essentially an extremely low carb and high fat diet that results in your body releasing ketones to be used as fuel. Ketones are a source of energy, produced and burned under certain metabolic conditions including starvation and high fat (ketogenic) diets.
    Ketones are known as a super fuel, due to being able to be efficiently used by both the brain and muscles.  They generate more energy (ATP) per unit of oxygen consumed than carbohydrates, fat or protein. If you are limiting carbohydrate intake, KetoCaNa is one of the best ways to fuel your mind and muscle.  However, if you are bulking KetoCaNa can help limit glycogen depletion, meaning you stay full and your strength will improve. 
    Consuming KetoCaNa before exercise can lead to big decreases in oxygen demand and improve performance not to mention heighten cognitive performance. For Ketogenic dieters, KetoCaNa provides more energy than they would otherwise have while for those who are not on a ketogenic diet it acts as a supplemental energy source. Finally, if you are seeking to switch from a regular diet to a low carb diet, using KetoCaNa can help make for an easier transition from using glucose as a primary fuel to using ketones.

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