Jigsaw Health - MagPure Brain Boost- 90 ct - (L-Threonate)



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  • Magnesium compound shown to effectively raise the brain's magnesium levels
  • Supports enhanced learning abilities, improved working memory, and better short- and long-term memory in both young and aged
  • Specifically designed for those who want Magnesium and nothing else.
  • Magnesium is an essential cofactor for more than 300 enzymes involved in biosynthesis processes and energy metabolism.

What is Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost?
Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost utilizes the patented Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate specifically designed to support brain health.*

How can Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost help support brain health?
Magnesium is critical mineral for your overall health.
Published studies on Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate show an increase in brain magnesium levels and promotes healthy and normal short and long-term memory, cognitive function, and learning ability.*

What's the difference between MagSRT and MagPure Brain Boost?
MagSRT utilizes Albion Lab's premier patented Dimagnesium Malate, and slowly releases it over an extended period of time. MagPure Brain Boost utilizes Magtein Magnesium L-threonate, and does not have the Sustained Release Technology (SRT) that MagSRT uses. They are both great forms of magnesium, and we recommend using MagPure Brain Boost in conjunction with MagSRT to give your body ample supply of magnesium while fueling your brain with this targeted formula.

What can MagPure™ Brain Boost help me with?

    • Supports healthy muscle tone, overall energy, heart health & more*
    • Promote healthy, restful sleep.*
    • Promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function.*
    • Promote athletic recovery.*
    • Support steady energy production.*
    • Support a balanced response to stress.*
    • Maintain healthy blood pressure levels within normal range.*
    • Maintain healthy blood sugar/glucose levels within normal limits.*
    • Promote regularity and healthy digestion.*
    • Support the body's ability to properly dissolve and utilize calcium in joints, muscles, and arteries.*
    • Support respiratory and cardiovascular health.*
    • Support healthy hormonal balance—especially in connection with the female cycle.*
    • Support overall bone health.*

    Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost Contains:
    No GMO ingredients
    No Gluten
    No Soy
    No Animal Products